Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Back to Basics

As an athlete I am always in search of ways to increase my athletic performance,so when I spoke with my Physio Leon down in Physiozone,he kindly donated a pair of Vibram Fivefinger KSO's to try out in training.Over the past week or so I have introduced a little barefoot running to my training.Having read up on the whole barefoot thing all the arguements for made alot of sense!However as I found out the hard way barefoot running can also be quite painfull when running on the road!Thats where the Vibrams come in......They offer protection to the feet while getting as close to barefoot running as possible.So one of my first runs in my new vibrams was the ClareAAI 4 mile Road Championships on sunday,in which I was within 10 seconds of my pb,and that is without having done any speedwork for well over six months.So from a performance point of view they get a big thumbs up!!

As with trying out anything new it takes alot of practice and time and Leon has advised me to gradually introduce the use of vibrams into my training.So its one week down and its all good apart from a little calf soreness which I'm sure I can live with!

Elsewhere whilst I am continuing with my preparations for the Trail World Championships in july I will also be running the Kildare Marathon this sunday.After a few weeks of high mileage training it will be interesting to see how the legs react,especially the calves!!

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