Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Connemara Race Report

It has only been 2 weeks since the 100km Anglo Celtic Plate in Perth.I had planned on taking 10 days of complete rest to recover.But having received an invitation to run the connemarathon I decided to run it rather than race it and treat it as a training run.I had a very bad experience here last year and I was also hoping to banish those demons whilst "training"!I started out very easy knowing from experience what lay ahead in the second half of the race,going through half way in just under 1.25.The much hillier second half felt very comfortable because of the conservative start and I found myself passing struggling runners over the final 10k.I didn't have any expectations from this race only to better my performance of last years event(i had to walk last 10 miles last year!).Crossed the finish line in 2.51:16 in 3rd place.

Next up will be the IAU Trail World Championships in july(if selected),with maybe one or two shorter tune up races in between.So from now on the majority of my training volume will be done on forest trail.....the hillier the better!!

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