Monday, 4 July 2011


Well it's race week,and undoubtedly the biggest race of my career is only days away.After months of training and a few weeks taper I'm ready to race in my first world championships!If someone told me six months ago that I would be running in an Ultrarunning World Championship event as part of the Ireland Team I would have laughed at them,but fast forward to now and that dream is a reality!
The last two weeks of training for me were quiet difficult as I suffered alot from fatigue and couldn't figure out why my energy levels were so low.It got to the stage where I was getting so tired I paid a visit to my gp to get bloods done.In the meantime I have been forced in to taking a slightly longer taper than I planned.Turns out my iron levels were very low,which explains a lot!Luckily I got it checked in time and have had time to get some proper iron supplementation in to me.It's funny how we all underestimate the power of rest.Now that my body has had time to recover and repair itself, my energy levels have soared!I have been doing some shorter faster workouts this week and I feel totally recharged.I don't want to jinx myself,but I feel in the best shape of my life,and hopefully I will peak at just the right time.........THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!
We have a very strong Irish team for this event and also we have the advantage of being on home soil with hopefully lots of local support to encourage us along the way.
So the rest of this week will see me running some easy miles and plenty of stretching before making my way to Connemara.First on my list is a visit to Leon in Physiozone for my pre race rub just to loosen out any tight muscles.Leon has been a great help to me during my training.When I'm out training hard damaging my muscles it's Leon who has the job to repair all the damage I've done,and when you are running lots of miles it takes alot out of the body.I couldn't recommend highly enough the importance of regular physiotherapy to supplement ones training.
So the hard work is done......I hope!!The miles have been logged.The hours in Ozone gym have been put in and the body is now recharged and ready to go!
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