Monday, 22 April 2013

Well now that I got my first race of the season out of the way I could focus my attention on the Euro's.My last four to five months training have been specifically based on peaking for the Euro 100km this coming Saturday.
Two weeks ago I ran the Connemara Ultra will the sole intention of using this as a race pace training run for the Euro's.The pre-race plan was to run at my goal 100km race pace for the first 26 miles and then take my foot off the gas for the final 13 miles and save whatever was left in the tank for France.
Running a fast time or placing well didn't come into I said it was all preparation for the 100km.
I ran a nice comfortable pace going through the marathon in 2.50. Up until then I was in second place and it was at this point that I passed the leader who seemed to be struggling......possibly from taking it out a little too hard in the early miles ??

My pre race plan was working a treat.I was running the pace in which I had set out to run and had also found myself in the lead as well.It was now time to wind it down and start saving the legs for three weeks later......but I was leading.....was I going to take my foot of the gas and throw away a chance of winning ??

I kept it steady for a couple more miles than I had planned,but once we hit mile30 I knew that I had a decent  lead and that I could now allow myself to ease back on the pace.
It was at this point where the course gets difficult and also when we faced into a very strong headwind,and fortunately for me others behind me started to struggle with these very tough conditions.

So even though I won quite comfortably in the end I was also very conscious of the threat posed from those behind me.

On reflection I couldn't have asked for a better start to the season......

* A training run which worked to perfection
*A very enjoyable win
*Great preparation for the Euro 100k

So next up is the European Championships in Belves,France on Saturday.

Fingers crossed Dan and myself can put in a strong Irish performance on the day !!

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