Sunday, 5 February 2012


This past fortnight I have been on a little break from running with a few health problems.So my last 2 weeks looked like this...3 doctors visits,blood tests more tests,prescription painkillers and a week of vomiting and nausea.Oh and did I mention a crippling back pain in which I could hardly breathe!!
So between all my Doctors visits and everything else I paid a trip to my trusty Physio,Leon Raath in .As soon as he started to examine my back he knew I was in trouble and came straight out and said "keith we're gonna have to stick some needles in there".So Leon got to work doing what he does best.My back was in so much spasm the needles started to bend!That will give you an idea of the kind of pain I was in.I went in to Leon doubled over in agony and after just one session I felt a massive improvement.The following 2 days he kindly fitted me in to his very busy schedule and after just 3 sessions with Leon I was back running again.

Any sports person who puts themselves through the rigours of a tough training regime needs to look after there bodies through intelligent training,proper diet and also proper maintenance of the muscoskeletal system.This is where a physio comes in.A regular visit even when you are feeling fine will keep the body well serviced and ready to withstand the next block of training.

To think this time last week I could hardly sit down and breathe I was in such pain.Now I am back in training again and getting geared up for my next race.I may have lost a couple of weeks training but at least it was only a couple.And to that I owe a big thank you to my physio Leon,who continues to support me and play a major role in my running.

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